What visa do I need?




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    Thanks a lot for sharing this information about what visa do you need. I am very happy to have these details here. Even I am looking for some details about Marvel institute for ielts zirakpur, Mohali. I have heard a lot about this center and thinking to join this for my IELTS training. Is there anyone who has experience with them?

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    Darius J Liddell

    Wwoofers are not getting paid for this work, this is just ecotourism. I am American with valid passport through 2020. Assuming I leave France area without invalidating Schengen Agreement (i.e. staying only 90 days within 180 day period within Schegen countries, obviously including France), I should not need a visa as far as I know.


    Is this correct? I have done my research and I cannot find any information on Americans needing visas, as long as they are not "working"  or violating Schengen agreement. Please let me know. I plan to wwoof in France starting beginning of May 2018.

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